Ottawa Gatineau Geoheritage

The Ottawa-Gatineau Geoheritage Project promotes greater public knowledge and appreciation of the geology and related landscapes in and around Canada's National Capital Region

Field Trips of the Ottawa Area

Geology of The Ottawa Area

This self-guided field trip takes you to rock exposures in the Ottawa area that show geologic features typical of the local Precambrian and Paleozoic rocks. As the field trip progresses, it attempts to work through the local stratigraphic succession; that is, it starts with the oldest Precambrian rocks and progresses to the younger, overlying Paleozoic rocks units.

One Billion Years of Geology

Canadian cities have as wide a variety of geology and as extensive a geological history as does Ottawa. At various times, our mountains have been as high as the Himalayas, our seas have been as warm as Australia's and as cold as the Arctic Ocean, earliest fossils have been preserved, major earth movements have ripped our rocks along great faults, and huge rivers have flowed over us. Moving from west to east across Ottawa, travel forward in time. Explore the diverse geology and resulting landforms of the greater Ottawa area.

Geoheritage of Perth

This pamphlet provides sufficient information for a self-guided tour of an area beside the Crystal Palace in downtown Perth that, via a collection of large rock specimens, illustrates many basic geological concepts and relationships. Near-by Matheson House Museum on Gore St. contains an impressive display about the geology of Perth, emphasizing the contributions of an important early inhabitant of Perth, Dr. James Wilson.

Geoheritage of Eganville

Guided tours and several self-guided geological walking tours are now run during the summer out of Bonnechere Museum. Additional trips are planned for 2014.